Understanding Yoni — Tantra

Yoni worship is an integral part of tantra.
The place where the Goddess resides.
Nothing can be more sacred than that.
If one has to worship the Goddess, then Yoni is the temple.
The yoni is considered to be an abstract representation of Shakti, the creative force that moves through the entire universe.
In tantra, yoni is the origin of life.

Let us start with understanding Tantra first.

Tantra in simple terms means technique. The technique to attain mastery over our mind, body, emotions, and energies to excel as a piece of life that we are on this existence.
It’s an intrascience, the science of a scientist. The science to self-realization.

Yoni, on the other hand, is a Sanskrit word that represents the female genitalia. It represents the goddess Shakti whom we consider the spiritual mother.
Yoni is the origin of life, and it has been idolized since classical times. It is the most important and influential part of the body and associated with spiritual power.

Now let’s try to understand tantra yoni massage in simple terms.

A regular massage involves the kneading of your muscles and joints to relax them and ease the pain.

Tantra massage, on the other hand, is a unique type of massage that uses energy and chakras to break physical boundaries and bring someone into a deep, relaxed state.

Yoni massage involves massaging of the female genitalia and the energy points connected to it. The focus of yoni massage is usually to awaken your energies to the uppermost hierarchy of the energy system.

It is very easy to confuse this with a sexual massage, which only focuses on releasing the lower level of the energy system.
Yoni Massage is about awakening the goddess in you and helping it to transcend.
It’s an integral part of tantra massage practice and plays an integral part in the kundalini awakening process.
In tantra, yoni massage is a ritual of feminine divinity.

The goal of a yoni massage isn’t necessarily to have an orgasm, oftentimes women can get emotional during and/or after the massage because of what is coming up for them.
The experience would help one to implode the orgasm versus having an explosive orgasm, meaning instead of releasing the energy out, keeping it within one’s body that equaled a full body orgasm.
Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, and it translates to “a sacred space.”
A yoni massage approaches the vagina as a revered part of the body, worthy of respect and honor.
Although orgasm is possible, it isn’t the primary goal.
It is completely fine with one attaining climax during the process. You may even experience multiple orgasms, especially as you develop your tantra practice.
But that doesn’t mean the practice has to be arousing. For many people, the practice is more emotional rather than sensual.
To get the most out of it, try to release your expectations.
Focus your energy on what you’re feeling and be open to exploring the different sensations.
Yoni massage immensely helps people suffering from emotional distress.
Even though it may sound way out of one’s comfort zone, it is one of the most powerful healing practices for a woman. It is simply incredible how much pain, tears, and fears one keeps in their yonis. This is the most receptive part of a woman’s body.

Now let’s try to understand the benefits of Yoni massage.
It’s a simple yet immensely powerful process of awakening the goddess in you. Breaking free from a cocoon of self-inflicted immaturity and progress your way to self-realization.
It’s a complete mind, body, and spirit experience empowering a deep level of authenticity and clarity of mind as you connect the mind and body.
Yoni massage eliminates any blockages in the blood vessels hence aids in improved blood circulation.
The yoni must absorb nutrients while removing toxins for a healthy genital area. The toxins can cause blockages and inhibit the flow of sexual energy within the body. Tantra Yoni Massage clears the channels for a smooth flow.
The powerful sensations you create then take you on a path to self-awareness.
It will help you to relax in your natural vitality, sensuality, and joy by helping you to reclaim a nourishing connection with your being, releasing guilt and shame from past conditioning.
Empowering you to break through to new levels of love, intimacy, and deepening in your relationships.
Through enhanced sensuality you don’t regret the past or worry about tomorrow, you are fully immersed in the present. This improves the quality of your time together with your loved ones.
It will help one fall in love with their body again replacing self-criticism with self-acceptance, experiencing more peace and balance by honoring one’s natural feminine rhythm.
Yoni massage allows you to celebrate your femininity by connecting with your inner goddess. This awakening happens when you eliminate blockages allowing the free flow of sexual energy.
Embracing your femininity is mesmerizing. It radiates from the inside out affecting those around you positively. Vibrancy and happiness are just a by-product.
It helps to heal from sexual trauma.
Some women may have experienced sexual trauma in their lives and some may have suppressed their sensuality and sexual energy.
Just like every other part of our body, the yoni holds emotion and tension and it can be helpful to have these released.
It will help you to connect to your deepest truth and your innate feminine wisdom empowering you to tap into the reservoirs of your sacred feminine energy to fuel your creative contributions to this existence.
It’s time to introspect and reconnect with your feminine power.
It’s your birthright to shine.
Shine today.
The world needs more light.

Trust the above article was able to share some light and clear misconceptions if any.

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